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Do horses travel better in the dark?

posted 16 Dec 2016, 13:22 by Jane Rudge   [ updated 16 Dec 2016, 13:38 ]

As the days are getting shorter, many of you will find that you are having to travel in the dark and so the question arises, do horses travel better in the dark?

In a recent horse and hound article, showjumper Tim Stockdale stated “When you are travelling at night, you should have a light on, but it shouldn’t be a bright light.” He then goes on to say, “We’ve got soft, ambient red lights that automatically come on in the horse section when I turn my headlights on. It means that the streetlights and passing car headlights don’t affect the horses so much. The sudden flash of light can frighten some horses so a nice ambient light lessens that.”

Dressage rider Spencer Wilton also adds that “when you eventually stop to unload them, they aren’t suddenly thrown into bright light when you pull the ramp down.”

At JET Horsebox Hire, our box has been manufactured and designed by BOSS Horseboxes for a low stress and high level of comfort and safety for your horse. The interior is light and airy with high level lighting, including a special travel light.

As you can see from the images below, the interior lights also make it easy to load and unload your horse in the dark.


To read more about the article in the Horse and Hound please see the link below:


A bit about us...

posted 12 Dec 2016, 09:39 by Jane Rudge   [ updated 22 Jan 2017, 11:25 ]


We are a family run horse transportation service that hopes to cater to all transportation needs, whether that be taking your horse to the vets, moving yards, or simply to treat yourself and your horse by travelling in style. Our 3.5T box can offer you peace of mind with our built in CCTV system allowing you to see your horse in transit through the monitor in the cab.


Hiring 3.5T horseboxes are becoming a more popular option for horse owners, and there are plenty of reasons why:

  • Cost Savings – our box can offer significant fuel savings due to the impressive 30 -35mpg, making long journeys more fuel efficient than most boxes.

  • Unlike 7T lorries our 3.5T box can be driven on a normal driving licence 

  • Our horsebox has been manufactured with an exceptional payload whilst still remaining lightweight making for a very easy drive.

Our hiring process is easy and quick – if your box requires a last minute repair, we can organise your rental to be available for the very next day.

We also offer a managed transport service, so if you prefer someone else to transport your horse, we can offer a completely stress free experience, where we can pick up your horse and deliver it for you.

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